Why Choose Yashaswi

Real estate investment is always the safest and the best option

People invest in real estate for various reasons to secure their earnings for a better tomorrow. However, in this ever growing urbanization it is not easy to buy a piece of property. One faces many challenges like clear titles of the land, proper govt. approvals and clearances, amenities like water, electricity, sewerage & sanitation, accessibility, good quality roads, location etc. One should be careful while buying the properties, either for living or for investments.

Advantage for Residential Property buyers

Yashaswi believes in making a long lasting relationship with their customers. Most of their customers have come through a positive word of mouth. Yashaswi provides guaranteed transparency and genuineness in all their dealings, crystal clear property titles, assured quality of materials and workmanship. Provide good roads, underground drainage, safe electrification, plantations, waste water treatments facilities. The townships are very well located having easy accessibility to hospitals, schools. Their properties are a value for money with convenient payment modes.

Advantage for Joint Venture

Yashaswi as a successful property developer has earned a strong brand value. Any Joint Venture with Yashaswi will be a guaranteed success. The land owner can just relax and leave the complete execution to Yashawi. Land owners can be rest assured about the transparency, engineering excellence, commitments to the legal agreements and deliveries. Sales of the properties are guaranteed by the Yashawi brand.

Advantage for Investors

Yashaswi encourages people to invest in real estate to reap positive gains instead of investing the valuable savings in highly volatile businesses like the Shares, fixed deposits and mutual funds etc. Yashaswi is a best choice to park your investments for better growth and security than the banks of today.

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